Group Training

At Fieldworks Gym we offer a range of group classes.  The focus throughout is on developing real world functionality and work capacity in a friendly environment. Our coaches will support you to develop technique and take on new challenges. You are very welcome to join our group training sessions even if you have no experience of strength training. Please see our timetable for class times.


Our classes


Strength & Conditioning

Every class is different, reflecting both the needs of the group and style of the coach but you can expect all sessions to include; a warm-up and mobility work, a skill section to develop technique, a strength component for example Deadlifting, plus a conditioning element such as a high intensity circuit before a cool-down and stretch. You’ll often work in pairs or teams for elements of the session. (60 minutes)




Kettlebells have been used for 100’s for years and are an exceptionally efficient tool for building high levels of strength and fitness.  Typically the class will begin with a technique segment to develop quality movement, followed by strength drills and closing with a conditioning work-out built around a kettlebell complex. It’s a challenging work-out both mentally and physically, as you focus on developing technique and building. You’ll work hard but it’ll be fun! (60 minutes)


Strong Mother

For new Mum’s, this class focuses on re-building core strength and stability whilst getting you fitter and stronger.  Expect to work with bodyweight, kettlebells and barbells to progressively regain and develop your strength and fitness.  This is true functional fitness training, helping you to do all the lifting that parenting entails.  There is a maximum of ten people per class and plenty of room for wee one’s too. It’s a relaxed setting - sleeping and/or screaming babies are very welcome.


If you want to speak to us about our group classes in more detail then please get in touch.