Ultra Marathon Week 6 & 7

The Training Plan

Two very contrasting weeks of training. Week 6 went to plan - ramping things up nicely in the gym and on foot. An outrageous sandbag session in the park with Fieldworks Coach Olly McCarthy, three strong 10 km runs and a nice Kettlebell session to round out the week. However, week 7 was all change. A tight hip became far too niggly and twingy to ignore. Over last few years it’s been the precursor to my back going a couple of times - a major combat indicator that I’m burning the candle a bit too hard at both ends for a dad of two in his mid 30’s…!

It’s far better to arrive at the starting line slightly less fit but uninjured so the goal for ‘training’ this week was to allow my body to recover. The sessions themselves were not designed to elicit any specific training response, rather low intensity sessions that help de-stress and aid sleep. Sleep is enormously underrated in recovery but it’s when the body heals and repairs itself - pretty obvious that better sleep helps. Lot’s of easy swimming and cycling - simply to enjoy the exercise, tire myself out and with no pressure to push anything beyond that.


Sandbagging in the park

Grab a partner and mark out 100 meters.

paRT one

Player One starts lunge-walking with the sandbag down the 100 meter track. Player Two runs to the end of the 100 m track and then back to wherever Player One has managed to lunge to. Twenty push-ups each and then swap rolls. Put 10 mins on the clock and keep working as above.

PART two

Repeat the same format as for part One. This time the lunge-walk is body weight and the run is done with the sandbag. Changeover exercise is 15 squat jumps. Same 10 min clock.

Part three

Sandbag Turkish Get-Ups… G’wan Ollie!

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