Ultra Marathon Training Week 5

The Training Plan


Sessions got done this week but recovery was way off point. It’s easy to think that the work is done as soon as you’ve left the gym, but that’s not really the case. You don’t get fitter and stronger in the gym - that happens by recovering from the stresses that training induces. Lot’s of factors in the mix here but essentially you need sleep, decent nutrition and a manageable level of stress to build yourself back up stronger than before. Life can make this far harder than simply finding the hour a day to exercise. Long working hours, fatigue leading to poor eating, broken sleep (let’s not talk about a boozy Saturday)… all meant I was slammed this week. Partly my bad planning, partly I wanted a damn beer (or 5). Whatever the reasons, reflection has been done and next week it’s time to pull my socks up again on this front...

The Sessions for Week 5

One - Run

10 km Run - fast as possible but felt sluggish and weak. These sessions happen.

Two - conditioning

The Fieldworks Shunt

(See below)

three - run

10 km best effort - still sluggish but a solid gold training buddy for the extra 10% I couldn’t have done myself.

four - strength

An aborted Bench Press session. Must have done something though as I felt sore as hell the next day despite cutting this one short.

five - S&C

Jumped into the Saturday morning S&C class at the gym. Training alongside top people, loved every second of it. Lot’s of shoulders - ouff.

the shunt

It’s not a new concept in training but one I’ve used it for years when the goal is to drive up the heart-rate and test the lungs. Essentially alternating between upper and lower body exercises - blood alternately gets shunted between upper and lower body. It’s exhausting work but devastatingly effective. I put this one together 6 months ago. Brought it in at a time of 35 minuites. Tuesday saw this time drop to 29 mins 15 seconds. A massive increase in work capacity since the end of spring. Once I’d pealed myself off the floor I was pretty happy with that.

Screenshot_20181008-102233_Video Player (1).jpg

15 Sandbag Jumps

30 Push Ups

8 x 4 KB Snatch

5 Jumping Muscle Ups

350 meter run