Ultra Marathon No. 2

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The Run

A much more civilised 73km this time. The kicker is 8,000 ft of climbing and descent.  

The Training Plan

Two strength-endurance sessions, two run sessions, one 'conditioning' session. Training time is limited so intensity and quality are the key. As intensity ramps up, recovery becomes even more important - more sleep, a sensible eye on food and... no booze. Ugg.  


The Sessions for Week One

one - Strength

All loads as heavy as possible while keeping form under control. 90 seconds between sets.

15 Deadlifts - 24 BB Lunges - 6 Sandbag Get-Ups - x 5

Two - Run

6 Mile best effort with 8 kg pack. Lot’s of hills coming up, not so many hills in East London so weight should go some way to help prep for the ascents.

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three - Strength

Similar feel and setup to session one:

15 Deadlifts - 15 Bench - x 5

Then 30 s work/rest. Max reps of:

Pushups - BB Rows - Swings - Goblets - x4

Four - Run

Same as above - aim was to beat the time from previous run.

five - conditioning


1) 6 BB Power Cleans

2) 8 Burpee Pull Ups

3) 10 DB Thrusters

4) 12 Cal Ski

16 Mins