Ultra Marathon Training Week 4

The Training Plan

Sessions felt hard this week - the cumulative effects of recent training alongside long days in the gym. I find there are three things that help; one, a goal that means something to you. SMART goal be damned, it won’t help if you really don’t care about the end result. Two, find some ace people you enjoy training with. Three, enjoy the process… if you don’t, then really think hard about point one again…

With five weeks until the ultra, running is starting to factor into things a little more. Happy with the strength work I’ve done over the last month, ‘heart and lungs’ are feeling stronger too so the focus now is to keep both of those going whilst building my running efficiency back up again. One strength session, two ‘conditioning’ sessions, two runs.

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A Few thoughts on miles

As with every aspect of training, practice is everything. More precisely ‘perfect’ practice is everything. I’m a huge fan of keeping my running short but as fast and technically sound as I can. As soon as I loose the spring in my stride and I start grinding out the miles, it’s not an effective session for me. I’ve done many, many long miles during my career but in training it’s always been short and fast. At my most it’s between 2 - 2.5 hours a week tops, and that would be split over 3-4 runs. Come race day (or a test march) it’s about race management and knowing what your body is capable of - both of which only come from ‘match’ experience in my opinion.

the sessions for week 4

one - conditioning

1.5 mile warm-up run

1.5 mile best effort

two - run

6 mile run (managed a 6 month PB)

three - strength endurance

This sessions is where top training buddies came into play. This was hard, hard graft. I had dug a hole so deep by only half way I don’t think I’d have finished it without Becca and George - both of whom smashed it out the park.

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Bloody wednesday

Bench Press




Hanging Knee Raise

20 down to 2 reps - drop 2 reps each round

four - strength

Sandbag Squats & Sandbag Presses

10 x 5

7 mins of floor to shoulder

150m SB Carry

five - run

8 mile London dash to Tate Modern and back. Fast, fartlek type run.

Any questions or comment please ask away below!