Ultra Marathon Training Week 3

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the training plan

I find it’s around the three week mark where you start to feel the positive effects of a ramp up in training. Achy muscles persist, but at least things feel stronger and quicker. The downsides are sleep and food - it’s a spike from your body trying to adapt to the extra demands. Knackered unless you’re hitting 8-9 hours of bag time, and hungry again 30 mins after your last meal.

Still tweaking my sessions this week towards conditioning. Heart and lungs still need the focus so sprint intervals, best effort runs and ‘Ton Ups’ (see below) amongst other things on the menu. All in all a really fun week of training.

The sessions for week 3

One - S&C

A) Double KB Complex x 4:

5 C&P - 5 Lunges - 5 Squats - 20 Swings

60 s Recovery Skipping

B) Ton Ups x 3 (See Below)

two - run

6 mile best effort with 8 kg

Three - Strength

Fieldworks Mountain

A repeat of last weeks session, this time with the rest of the coaching crew at the gym. Shared suffering is far better than solo suffering!

four - Sprints

25 x 100 meter best effort sprints. Recover 100 meter walk/jog.

five - Conditioning

60 mins of bag work and plyometrics

The Ton Up

This one has been part of my training arsenal for the last 15 years. As part of Northampton Amateur Boxing Club we’d smash multiple rounds of this every session. Two minutes of work with one rest between rounds to simulate a match. The aim is to complete 10 reps of each of the following exercises. Next round, start at the beginning again.

push ups


dorsal raises

Sit ups

pike jumps


Tuck Jumps

Push ups w/ clap

star jumps

lunge jumps

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