Ultra No. 2: Training Week 2

the training plan

Some heavy legs to start the week. As is always the way with ramping up the training again, things feel weaker and harder the second week in. Best not to think about it and just start lunging…

Same broad sessions as last week but swapping out a gym based strength-endurance session for a ‘Fartlek’ run. These can be pretty gut busting sessions but brutally effective for heart and lungs which felt like a weak point last week. Fartlek means ‘speed play’ in Swedish - essentially varying the tempo of a run. Pick a random marker - next bin, fifth tree, canal bridge… anything 30-50 meters away. Crank up the pace to something only just sustainable until you hit the target, slow things down again to catch your breath, find your next target then go again. A mile or so of these and you know about it but they will absolutely build you an engine!

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The sessions for week two

two - run

4 Mile Run with Fartlek intervals at mid-point.

one - strength

‘The Fieldworks Mountain’

500 KB Swings - 120 BB Lunges

Every 25 Swings do 6 Lunges

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three - run

6 Mile best effort with 8kg pack

four - Sprints

20 x 100 meter best effort sprints. Recover 100 meter walk/jog.

five - conditioning

‘Rising Tide’

2 km ski erg. At zero mins and every 2 mins thereafter do 20 KB Snatch